CoP Meetings

Previous Gatherings

March 14, 2022


Professional Development Theme: Quality Education for a Better India

Panel Discussions with

* Mr. Binay Pattnayak

* Dr. Mahendra K. Mishra

* Dr. Karsten van Riezen

June 23, 2022


Professional Development Theme: The importance of MT in the NEP

Field Highlight: Supporting Language Learning and Teaching in Early Grades in Rajasthan (LLF)

September 20, 2022


Field Highlights:

* Bodo Education (Subash Rabha & Dr. Prafulla Basumatari)

* Stir Education Programs (Dexter Sam)

Professional Development Theme: Children’s Mathematical Development - The Role of Language and the Impact on Literacy Skill Development

December 6, 2022


Field Highlight: Presentation on an MLE Teacher Training Curriculum for Assam (Dr. Palash Nath)

Professional Development Theme: Report on the recent Guwahati University MLE Course (Dr. T. Bailey)